Mother's Last Message

Thursday, January 3, 2019
"Honey, if I die please don't be sad. Your life is still long. You will have children, grandchildren and enjoy a happy old age."

 "What are you talking about. I doesn't know how it will be if you go first."

I still remember that morning's conversation with my mom. Whether it's a mild suggestion, or indeed a sign that I'm late to realize. When talking about death, I am among those who are very sensitive and rather lazy to discuss it. Moreover, I had to lose my father when I was little. So, when I talk about it, I'm lazy to discuss it further.

When death came, I strongly believed that it had become God's destiny. Like it or not, it still has to be accepted and lived. Is that sad? Thank God sad is extraordinary. These tears continued to flow endlessly seeing his body lying limp and stiff that morning. I never thought that a woman I love and love must go as fast as this.

Sometimes we do realize too late what signals someone gives when she will leave us. but I'm sure, being prepared even though death and loss will still make us sad. especially when it's a parent.

Love and love those who are still with you, because after they die, longing for them will greatly make our hearts hurt....
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